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BLACK BULL Corner Collision Protection Bar – Indoor Use – 86 x 638 x 638mm – Yellow/Black

BLACK BULL Collision Protection Bars offer low cost, effective protection for plant and machinery from forklift trucks, roller containers, trolleys, pallet trucks etc.

  • Easily and quickly installed.
  • Low profile design enables easy pedestrian access to protected areas.
  • Protect machinery, plant etc.
  • Interior use only.


Protect shelving, cabinets, wall-mounted equipment (instruments, switch cabinets, first aid equipment etc.).


  • Powder coated yellow with black bands


Material Top grade steel
Finish powder-coated
Colour yellow with black stripes
Length 638 / 638 mm
Diameter 76 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Fixture for screw anchoring
Height 86 mm
Number of anchors 6
Weight 11,00 kg