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Flex Core Bollards

FlexCore Bollard is stronger than steel plate bollards and easier on your equipment and people. No more holes to dig, concrete to pour or pipes to paint, the FlexCore Bollard installs in a fraction of the time and at much lower cost, without sacrificing strength.

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Engineered to redefine safety and durability, Flex Core Bollards are the pinnacle of security solutions for diverse environments. These innovative bollards seamlessly merge robust construction with adaptive flexibility, providing a reliable safeguard for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic management.

Key Features:

  1. Adaptive Flex-Core Technology: The core of these bollards is designed to absorb and distribute impact energy, effectively flexing upon collision. This unique technology ensures superior protection while minimizing damage to both the bollard and the impacting vehicle.

  2. Rugged Construction: Crafted from high-grade, weather-resistant materials, these bollards are built to withstand the elements. Whether it’s intense sunlight, heavy rain, or extreme temperatures, the bollards retain their integrity and functionality.

  3. Versatile Applications: Flex Core Bollards are ideal for a wide range of settings, including parking lots, sidewalks, pedestrian areas, and storefronts, offering an unobtrusive yet robust security solution.

  4. Customizable Designs: Available in various sizes, colors, and finishing options, these bollards seamlessly blend with any architectural setting while catering to specific safety and aesthetic requirements.

  5. Easy Installation: Designed for convenience, these bollards are simple to install, minimizing downtime and disruptions to the area where they are being deployed.

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131mm, 182mm, 233mm