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The Elevator Gard

Invest in the ElevatorGard Maintenance Barrier to safeguard the public and employees from accessing a malfunctioning or out-of-order elevator. Its vivid yellow color ensures high visibility, catching immediate attention.

The original ElevatorGard is purposefully crafted for lift maintenance, adhering to BS EN 7255 standards. Weighing a mere 9 kg, its foldable design and built-in carry handles make it effortlessly portable, facilitating convenient placement as needed.

The ElevatorGard serves as a deterrent against unauthorized individuals and visitors, minimizing the risk of accidents or attempts to use the non-operational lift. The product is equipped with extending locking arms and is provided with two panels, with an option for a 3-panel variant upon request. Crafted from polyethylene plastic, the ElevatorGard ensures durability and longevity.

Compliance with BSEN7255:2011 & BSEN7010 is guaranteed.

Key Specifications:

  • Standard set includes 2 panels.
  • Dimensions per panel: 1100mm high x 660mm wide x 40mm thick.
  • Weight: 9kg per set or 4.5kg per panel.


  • Snap Hinges: 2 per set of 2 (Injected molded plastic).
  • Solid Hinges: 2 per set of 2 (Injected molded plastic).
  • Bolts: 8mm x 120mm roofing bolt with galvanized steel (non-rust), 8 per set of 2.
  • Brass Inserts: 8mm, 8 per set of 2, to hold 8mm bolts.
  • Printed Graphics: Full-color prints on white PVC, including 1 x Caution Lift – Out of Service and 1 x No-Entry Sign. Each center sign measures 300mm x 400mm, and top signs measure 140mm x 420mm.
  • Telescopic Poles: Stainless Steel 25mm x 1100mm, extendable to 1.8 meters above FFL (Finished Floor Level).