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Rotating Anti-Climb

Wall & Fence Intruder Protection

Manufactured from a high tensile aluminium alloy, our rotating anti-climb wall spikes are highly resistant to corrosion, while being lightweight (4kg per linear metre).

The bright finish will also last the lifetime of the product, making this wall security spike system maintenance free. Alternatively, if you’d like your fence guard to match your building or corporate colours, the system can be powder coated to most RAL and BS colour references.


  • Bracket (Different styles available)
  • Vane
  • Shaft
  • Spiggot

Versatile Security Applications

Our rotating anti-climb system feature a series of three-point vanes, each free to revolve around a central spindle, creating an unstable barrier which rotates if anyone attempts to climb over it. With no stable places to maintain grip or secure footing, this type of wall security spikes are very effective at stopping intruders. In tests, army personnel found this type of fence topper particularly difficult to negotiate.

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